Karapan Business Network

Karapan is a hyperlocal B2B agriculture platform in mission to digitize the entire agriculture supply chain from the ground up

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What we do?

Empowering agriculture traders and scale them using technology.

Good Management Unlock Every Opportunity

Karapan help agiriculture local trader to manage their data and value their data as their integible power to help them grow their business. We developed features like orders management, inventory control, farmer and customer management, multi selling channels, and insight report

  • Sales and Purchasing Management
  • Invoice Management.
  • Grow your business via 3rd party integration.
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Sources Smarter, Cheaper and Faster

Karapan helps agriculture traders get cheaper and faster sourcing so they get better margins, Karapan also offers DO agreements so traders focus on customers without having to manage and provide their own sourcings.

  • Find cheaper product sourching.
  • Access to wide supplier directory.
  • Save your time using DO agreements.
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Build your own ecommerce in 3 steps

Hyperlocal agribusiness can go online using Karapan ecommerce builder ecosystem - from storefront, ekatalog to checkout and payments. Create a beautiful and high-converting online store specific build for food and farming output products in only 3 steps.

  • Build your own ecommerce.
  • Manage your own customer
  • Multichannel Sales Integrations.
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Regenerative Agriculture

We prioritize farmers who practiced :

1. Holistic Management

Livestock management techniques by Alan Savory to reborn the soil and grazeland

2. No-Till Farming

Implementing No-till farming to comply with regenerative agriculture procedures

3. Feed Addictive

Lactate acid and macro algea to reduce methane (CH4) in Livestock.


Traders empowered

“karapan helps manage my trading company such as bookeping, order management, etc. so I can easily get a loan from the bank and pay less tax.”

Bpk. Suratman

CV. Parahiyangan Express

“Karapan helped me to meet cheaper suppliers in Kalimantan, Karapan's wide network supplier really helped me grow.”

Bpk. Wahyu Nugroho

CV. Hutanhujan Indonesia

“Karapan helps me find DO agreement from large company, now, I get product sourcing certainty and focus on my customers.”

Bpk. Fajar Kurniawan

PT. Digiternak Indonesia